How to Have One of the Best Weddings on a Budget

With weddings as costly as they are, every engaged couple is always looking for more budget wedding ideas! While it may take a little more work, there are countless methods of saving money while still planning the dream wedding you’ve always imagined. Check out these money-saving techniques to have the best low budget wedding ever!

  1. Explore Social Media Groups

Before you settle for spending a ridiculous amount of money on a certain service, search for wedding vendor groups on Facebook or other social media sites you frequent. I’ve found that there are an unbelievably large number of fantastic wedding vendors in these groups, offering their talents to couples in the area! Occasionally people use this group to let the community know about sales and specials going on around town as well, so be sure to check these posts regularly before committing to a particular vendor. Social media is a wonderful tool for people to share helpful information and assist those in need, so you should take advantage of it!

  1. Customize Your Wedding

Don’t feel pressured to drop money on certain aspects of your wedding out of obligation. Weddings are becoming steadily less traditional and more independently styled, so you don’t need to feel pressured to include a particular characteristic if you don’t actually want it. For example, this article from Rock N Roll Bride shows examples of unique bridal bouquets made of materials other than flowers, which tend to be a pricey commodity. Also, although about a quarter of brides are not willing to give up a white, full-length wedding dress, choosing a different style or color might also save you a little cash. Not only will this help you have a wedding on a small budget, but you’ll also be able to express your own style and personality a little more freely.

  1. Research, Research, Research

This is pretty self-explanatory, but any couple in the middle of wedding planning should know that there are always numerous ways to cut corners in order to keep the cost within your budget. Low budget wedding ideas include keeping your guest count small- only invite those you really want to be a part of your special day, not those you simply feel pressured to invite. Many things you need for the wedding, such as decorations or even your dress, can be rented or bought secondhand. Personally, I know I could have saved a few hundred bucks on my wedding by getting my dress altered in a separate place from where I bought it. Other budget wedding tips include having a charming, backyard wedding rather than reserving a big venue, or tackling some DIY projects, like making your own wedding invitations.  (By researching, I found my bridesmaid dresses on sale at Target.  They were $70 each and fabulous.)  All these ideas and more can be accomplished by simply researching thoroughly and actively; this way, you can have best wedding ever without completely emptying your wallet!

Make Palmetto Films a part of your low budget wedding; no matter what, you can’t forget the importance of a videographer! Contact us today to see how we can provide you with amazing services at a reasonable rate.

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