Palmetto Films: A Year in Rewind

In case you haven’t heard, 2016 is almost OVER. For me, there are many, many words that can describe my past year- but one word that does NOT apply to 2016 is “boring”! I got to experience my first full year of marriage (which was infinitely more amazing than I’ve ever imagined), I got to travel all over (even internationally!), I got to hug dear friends that I don’t get to hug enough, and I got to launch my very own business, Palmetto Films.

14894535_10154604127446774_731438979_oMy business’ creation in early January 2016 was both thrilling and terrifying. While this has been my dream for a long time, I was paralyzed by the thought of everything that could go wrong. Nightmares of equipment failure, time and location mix-ups, and conflicts with clients kept threatening to discourage me. I was even more scared that no one would want to book me at all! However, not long after I posted some samples of my work on my Palmetto Films Facebook page, my first few official Palmetto Films bookings started falling into place. More couples followed, and I was soon blessed with an exciting year of weddings to shoot! 2016 flashed by in a blur of joyful dancing, happy tears, and beautiful “I do’s”! Every single wedding went without a hitch and I enjoyed them all greatly.

I’m writing this is not to boast about myself but to express my gratitude. I want to first thank everyone I’ve worked with this past year. I’m so thankful to the couples who put their faith in my skills even though I didn’t have much work to show at the time. I’m also grateful to every couple and their families for trusting me with capturing their special day. I know how priceless these memories are, and I take every minute of your wedding day seriously. I’m sincerely honored to be trusted with preserving these precious moments.

Photo by Jenn Sacco Photography

I’m also eternally thankful to everyone who has been- and always will be- supporting my work! My parents are always willing to lend a hand whenever I need it (my dad was the one who designed my cool logo!), and my beautiful little sister has been my incredible assistant on many occasions! My husband, especially, has gone above and beyond to be there for me in any way he can. He helps with running my business, keeping track of expenses, and researching new equipment. He is there in an instant to help me load and unload my car for every event. He is patient with me as I double, triple, and quadruple-check all my equipment to make sure I have everything I need! He cooks dinner and cleans the apartment when I have too much editing to do. He watches every one of my videos- multiple times- and gives honest feedback. All this he does selflessly and without a single complaint. The only way I know to express my gratitude to him is to shower him with as much love as a wife possibly can!

Finally, I’m thankful for the power of prayer. During the drive to each of my weddings, I pray that all my equipment functions properly, that I’m able to stay energized and alert, and that the couple has a beautiful wedding day. I know these weddings go so smoothly because God is present for all of them- and that’s awesome.

14718796_1821074318150759_352833326271187392_nY’all, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for Palmetto Films’ unforgettable first year! Thank you for every post like, every kind comment, every video share. My heart leaps at every new notification I get for my Facebook page and every new email requesting my availability. I love shooting weddings and, after this successful first year, I know I always will!

Cheers to my 2017 wedding couples- the ones I’ve booked and the ones still to come! I can’t wait to work with each one of you. Here’s to an even more exciting year to come!

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