The Importance of Video in Social Media

video for social media

Video content proves itself to be one of the most impactful parts of digital marketing every day. An ever-increasing number of online users are watching videos constantly – in fact:

  • One-third of online activity is spent by watching video (Wordstream)
  • 85% of internet users in the United States watch videos on a frequent basis (Comscore)
  • Over 500 million users watch videos on Facebook DAILY (Forbes)
  • YouTube users watch over 500 million HOURS of videos every day (Buffer)

With popularity that’s steadily and consistently growing, video marketing is becoming more and more abundant and is being shared in a variety of ways through numerous platforms.

Why Use Video for Social Media?

Videos are able to share information in a way that is completely unique from all other forms of marketing; they can evoke emotion, explain a complicated concept, or demonstrate a task or action. Because they’re so visual, videos can convey information and ideas to their audience quickly and effectively. Content that is easily understandable is better retained, which is why users who view a video on a company’s website or social media page are more likely to commit to that particular product or service.

Using video on your social media channels not only boosts your engagement, but establishes trust with your audience. Through creating and sharing videos centered on your team, your services, your products, etc., you provide a more personal, intimate look for your brand that will make your audience more likely to connect with.

Which Platforms Should You Use for Sharing Video?

With video exploding like it is, nearly all social media platforms offer the ability to share videos. If you’re wondering which is the best social media platform for sharing video, the answer is: it depends. It depends on what kind of videos you’re sharing and what audience you’re trying to capture. Take a look at a few social media channels and what kind of video marketing they’re best suited for:


  • Great for engagement and connecting directly with your audience
  • Offers the option of showcasing a featured video on your page
  • Offers the option of broadcasting live
  • Best suited for sharing videos that are shorter and attention-grabbing to demonstrate what your brand is all about


  • Allows videos that are up to 60 seconds long
  • Offers IGTV, which allows videos up to an hour long
  • Stories are a popular feature that help boost engagement
  • Focuses on content that is aesthetically appealing
  • Best suited for sharing brief, creative, inspirational videos and/or commercials that reflect your brand’s personality


  • Allows recording and sharing short videos (up to 60 seconds total, broke into 10-second clips)
  • Allows you to upload videos from your camera roll (also broken into 10-second clips)
  • Caters to a younger audience (average age range is 18-24)
  • Best suited for sharing quick, funny, promotional content


  • Allows video uploads of up to 140 seconds in length as well as live video
  • Video is the most shared form of content on Twitter
  • Makes it easy for users to share content & tag other users/collaborators
  • Best suited for sharing short, entertaining content to promote or hype your brand


  • Everyone’s go-to source for watching videos (the world’s largest video search engine)
  • Owned by Google, so YouTube videos are ranked higher (helps with SEO presence)
  • Great for sharing all kinds of content, from funny videos to educational pieces
  • Users can engage easily by commenting on your videos and/or subscribing to your channel
  • Can be hard to stand out due to the abundance of videos shared on YouTube
  • Best suited for sharing your finest work – high-quality, interesting content

The best social media channel for your video content is based around who your target audience is, how you want to reach them, and what you want to achieve through your videos. Having a clear video marketing strategy is key in determining how you should use video for social media.

Contact Palmetto Films for Your Video Marketing Needs

Now that you understand the benefits of using video for social media, start developing your video marketing strategy today! Call or email Palmetto Films to find out how we can help you create beautiful and professional videos to boost your social media success.

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