How Do You Choose the Best Atlanta Videographer for Your Wedding?

atlanta wedding video

This year is already halfway over – I can’t believe it. This has been an incredible year of Georgia weddings so far – I’ve gotten to shoot at some new venues, test out new gear, meet amazing vendors and couples, and create some beautiful Atlanta wedding videos

Your wedding day goes by unbelievably fast, so it’s crucial to have an experienced videographer there filming your day so you can re-live it over and over for years to come. There are many Atlanta wedding videographers to consider, each with their own unique style and services. When choosing which videographer you should use for your wedding, it all comes down to what style you think reflects your taste and personality the best. Take a look below to get an overview of what I do and how I do it, then contact Palmetto Films to hire us as your Atlanta videographers if you think we’re a good match for you!

What You Need to Know about Palmetto Films Atlanta Videographers

Videography Style

I tend to describe my videography as “documentary style” (see an example above). Throughout the wedding day, my goal is to simply blend into the background and shoot as much footage as I can without interfering in any way. This method allows me to capture the authentic, pure emotion of your special day. I (very occasionally) stage or direct couples when necessary, but overall, my footage will show you just being you! You won’t need to worry about posing perfectly or re-enacting scripted scenes, so you can focus all your attention on what really matters – enjoying your wedding day to the fullest.

atlanta wedding video
The bride’s father tearing up as he reads a letter his daughter wrote for him

Wedding Day Process

I’ll be there from start to finish whenever you need me! During the ceremony, I have two videographers set up to ensure we don’t miss a second. I also place a small lavalier mic on the groom so that I record clear audio of the officiant and your vows to one another. 

Video Products

The end result is a highlight film of your wedding day! My music comes from a fantastic royalty free music website that offers a wide variety of genres so I’m able to find the perfect track that matches the vibe and emotion of your wedding. In addition to your Atlanta wedding video, you’ll also receive your full ceremony footage as well as raw footage from the rest of your wedding day (getting ready, first look, reception, etc). My turnaround time is 3-5 weeks!

Hire Palmetto Films as Your Atlanta Wedding Videographer Today!

Weddings mark a major milestone in many people’s lives and I am so honored to be able to be a part of that special event. Contact us today so we can create your gorgeous Atlanta wedding video! We also provide event videography, Atlanta corporate video services, and more! 


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