Which Type of Corporate Video is Best for Boosting Your Business?

The secret is out – video is a crucial tool for bringing success to your business! More and more people watching videos every day, which means that companies (big and small alike) can use this to their advantage by communicating important information about their business in video form. Take a look at some of the different types of corporate video you can start integrating into your marketing strategy!

Different Types of Corporate Video

1. Brand Videos

Connect with your audience and give them an overview of your company’s personality. With a brand video, you can share your mission statement, your values, your goals, and anything else you feel like your audience needs to know about you. This is your chance to show viewers who you are and why they should trust your company.

2. Corporate Event Videos

Hosting events as a company is a great way to spread awareness, create new connections, celebrate company successes, and just have fun! Sharing an event recap video is engaging content for your business’ social media accounts. These videos are usually upbeat, snappy, and shows your employees enjoying time together as a team.

3. Training Videos

Studies show that the majority of people retain information better after watching a video as opposed to reading an article; in fact, according to Insivia, viewers maintain 95% of a message when they see it in a video and only 10% when they read it in text form. Training videos can be lengthy (like the example below) or can be produced as a series. Either way, these are powerful tools for internal training or showing your audience how to navigate a specific product.

4. Customer Testimonial Videos

One of the most effective methods of conveying your company’s integrity and professionalism is by hearing from some of your many satisfied customers. Customer testimonials allow your former or existing customers to communicate to your audience why they love your company’s services. These videos are compelling as they reveal that your business is trustworthy and cares about their customers.

Now that you’re aware of some of the many types of corporate video, contact Palmetto Films today! Together, we can create a video that will boost your company’s online presence and reach more potential customers.


Grab the Tissues and Watch this Beautiful Proposal Video

Let’s flashback to February – the month of loooove!

I want to feature a particularly romantic event I had the honor of recently filming: Dustin’s INCREDIBLE proposal to his girlfriend (now fiancee), Minutha!

Behind-the-Scenes: Dustin and Minutha’s Proposal Video

This proposal could not have been planned better. Dustin reserved a private room in Saltyard, a gorgeous and intimate restaurant in downtown Atlanta. The location was perfect; Saltyard’s private room is found in the back of the restaurant and hidden by dark curtains, so we were able to prepare the surprise secretly. The low lighting and privacy made this spot the ideal place for a romantic moment.

Minutha was out with friends, thinking that all she was doing that night was having a casual dinner with her girls. Little did she know that Dustin was creating the surprise of a lifetime!

Friends and family gathered early with Dustin to help him decorate the private room at Saltyard. Twinkle lights, roses, and balloons created a gorgeous backdrop for the proposal. Then the string quartet arrived! Luna Strings is incredibly talented and really set the mood with their captivating music. Standing at the end of a rose petal path and a ring from Blue Nile tucked in his pocket, Dustin was ready! A text from Minutha’s friend warned us that they were minutes away from the restaurant.

My loving husband and faithful second shooter, Kenny, helped me out by setting up a second camera so we could capture Minutha’s reaction the second she walked into the room. I put a lavalier mic on Dustin to ensure good audio – and then we waited. I stood alongside the photographer, Megan, as we waited with cameras poised, anticipating the big moment!

Finally, Minutha walked in, and her reaction was priceless.

minutha 1.png

Minutha dropped her purse in shock and walked down the rose petal path to Dustin, who dropped to one knee. He then told her how much she meant to him and how he couldn’t wait to start living their future together. In the background, the string quartet played the song, “Photograph,” making the moment absolutely perfect. Dustin pulled out the ring and asked Minutha, “Will you marry me?” Through her tears, Minutha said yes and immediately pulled Dustin in for a kiss as the music swelled around them.

After a few minutes savoring this moment together, Dustin and Minutha’s friends flooded into the room to offer congratulations and join them for an engagement party! Kenny and I filmed the majority of the evening, then I edited the footage together to create a beautiful proposal video for Dustin and Minutha to cherish forever. Watch it below!


Learn More about Palmetto Films’ Proposal Video Package!

I was blown away by Dustin’s idea and how he made this dream proposal a reality for Minutha. If you or someone you know is planning on popping the question soon, contact Palmetto Films to capture and create your proposal video! A proposal is one of the most significant moments of your life, so choose to have it preserved forever.

A “Reel” Good Blog Post!

Let’s get right to it – I finally created a Palmetto Films reel! This is a brief, one-minute summary of my recent work that includes a wide assortment of clips. I’m really excited to share this with everyone!

The purpose of this reel is to give my audience a glimpse of what I can do for them. In addition to weddings, I also provide event videography. That includes parties, corporate events, conferences, festivals, proposals, performances… basically, I will capture pretty much anything that you would like to have captured! Big moments like these are worth documenting so you can re-live them forever.

Palmetto Films also provides commercial videography. Promoting your business through video is proven to be highly successful.You can highlight a certain product or service, establish your voice, develop your branding, and so much more through commercial video. This is a fantastic way to show off your company and demonstrate how you stand out from the crowd.

I am so proud of how far I have progressed my company. Palmetto Films was created by shooting a few weddings in Charleston, SC; now, I am an Atlanta videographer offering a vast range of services to my clients and I could not be more excited about it! This time next year, I plan to be writing a new blog post with an updated reel featuring all the new projects I have accomplished.

But, for now, watch my Palmetto Films Reel!

Work with Palmetto Films!

Now that you’ve seen a glimpse of what I can do (and you know the many benefits of video), contact Palmetto Films today! Let’s talk about your video needs; whether you want to incorporate video into your business or you have an event you’d like captured, we are here to help.

Send me an email, give me a call, or better yet, meet me for coffee! We can discuss video marketing and how hiring an Atlanta videographer can make a big splash for you and/or your company.


New Year’s Goals for Palmetto Films

Setting goals is an essential task to complete at the beginning of every year if you want to grow and learn (both professionally and personally). I don’t like the term “New Year’s resolutions”; they just make me think of super-strict diets and over-the-top exercise routines – and then (of course) the guilt that follows when you simply can’t commit to living that way!

That’s why I set GOALS for the coming year. Goals can be broken down into gradual, manageable steps that lead you towards what you want to achieve in the end, whether it’s mastering a new skill or taking on a new challenge. Now that I’m running my own business full-time, these goals are more important to me than ever. I want to ensure I’m constantly developing my talents so I can expand my services and share my passion with more and more people.

Here are some of my goals for Palmetto Films that I plan to accomplish this year!

Palmetto Films Goals for 2019

1. Create Videos for Startups & Small Businesses

One of my goals is to expand my services to include videography for small businesses and startup companies. I’ve worked at two startups in the past, and I now run my own business, so I am very familiar with the struggles that often accompany the entrepreneur life! Video marketing is an excellent way to explain your company’s services or products, introduce your team, recap an event, and much more. I would love to shoot a video for any budding entrepreneur so you can share your passion with the world!

2. Book a Travel Project

“Visit each of the 50 states” is an item on my bucket list! Another one of my New Year’s goals is to take on at least one video project in an awesome (faraway) destination. I want to step out of my comfort zone and shoot a video in an entirely new area!

3. Produce One Video Project per Month

This might be the most difficult goal for me to achieve this year, but I will make it happen: I will create AT LEAST one video project per month. It’s so tempting to put a pause on creating content when things slow down a bit (and I have a lot of other work to catch up on as well) but I really value the importance of consistently generating new work so I can continue to improve my skills and expand my knowledge.

Contact Palmetto Films Today!

Email or call me if you’d like to hear more about Palmetto Films’ video production services in Atlanta, GA! I’m happy to chat with you and discuss your videography needs or ideas for a video project. Get in touch with Palmetto Films today!

The Importance of Video in Social Media

video for social media

Video content proves itself to be one of the most impactful parts of digital marketing every day. An ever-increasing number of online users are watching videos constantly – in fact:

  • One-third of online activity is spent by watching video (Wordstream)
  • 85% of internet users in the United States watch videos on a frequent basis (Comscore)
  • Over 500 million users watch videos on Facebook DAILY (Forbes)
  • YouTube users watch over 500 million HOURS of videos every day (Buffer)

With popularity that’s steadily and consistently growing, video marketing is becoming more and more abundant and is being shared in a variety of ways through numerous platforms.

Why Use Video for Social Media?

Videos are able to share information in a way that is completely unique from all other forms of marketing; they can evoke emotion, explain a complicated concept, or demonstrate a task or action. Because they’re so visual, videos can convey information and ideas to their audience quickly and effectively. Content that is easily understandable is better retained, which is why users who view a video on a company’s website or social media page are more likely to commit to that particular product or service.

Using video on your social media channels not only boosts your engagement, but establishes trust with your audience. Through creating and sharing videos centered on your team, your services, your products, etc., you provide a more personal, intimate look for your brand that will make your audience more likely to connect with.

Which Platforms Should You Use for Sharing Video?

With video exploding like it is, nearly all social media platforms offer the ability to share videos. If you’re wondering which is the best social media platform for sharing video, the answer is: it depends. It depends on what kind of videos you’re sharing and what audience you’re trying to capture. Take a look at a few social media channels and what kind of video marketing they’re best suited for:


  • Great for engagement and connecting directly with your audience
  • Offers the option of showcasing a featured video on your page
  • Offers the option of broadcasting live
  • Best suited for sharing videos that are shorter and attention-grabbing to demonstrate what your brand is all about


  • Allows videos that are up to 60 seconds long
  • Offers IGTV, which allows videos up to an hour long
  • Stories are a popular feature that help boost engagement
  • Focuses on content that is aesthetically appealing
  • Best suited for sharing brief, creative, inspirational videos and/or commercials that reflect your brand’s personality


  • Allows recording and sharing short videos (up to 60 seconds total, broke into 10-second clips)
  • Allows you to upload videos from your camera roll (also broken into 10-second clips)
  • Caters to a younger audience (average age range is 18-24)
  • Best suited for sharing quick, funny, promotional content


  • Allows video uploads of up to 140 seconds in length as well as live video
  • Video is the most shared form of content on Twitter
  • Makes it easy for users to share content & tag other users/collaborators
  • Best suited for sharing short, entertaining content to promote or hype your brand


  • Everyone’s go-to source for watching videos (the world’s largest video search engine)
  • Owned by Google, so YouTube videos are ranked higher (helps with SEO presence)
  • Great for sharing all kinds of content, from funny videos to educational pieces
  • Users can engage easily by commenting on your videos and/or subscribing to your channel
  • Can be hard to stand out due to the abundance of videos shared on YouTube
  • Best suited for sharing your finest work – high-quality, interesting content

The best social media channel for your video content is based around who your target audience is, how you want to reach them, and what you want to achieve through your videos. Having a clear video marketing strategy is key in determining how you should use video for social media.

Contact Palmetto Films for Your Video Marketing Needs

Now that you understand the benefits of using video for social media, start developing your video marketing strategy today! Call or email Palmetto Films to find out how we can help you create beautiful and professional videos to boost your social media success.

How Video Marketing Will Grow Your Business

Blogging (consistently) is hard, but I’m back! If you missed my exciting announcement on social media a couple months ago, I am now running Palmetto Films full-time (instead of trying to balance my business and a full-time marketing job like I was before)! This has been a blissful transition for me; I can now focus ALL my attention on my wedding videos as well as pursue some new projects, like creating video content for businesses to help them achieve even greater success. Take a look at some ways your business can benefit from video marketing, then call Palmetto Films to find out how we can be of service!

Here Are the Answers to All Your Video Marketing Questions

1. What Is Video Marketing?

The definition of video marketing is “using video to promote or market your brand, product, or service” (Frozen Fire). Video marketing is achieved in numerous ways and can be shared through countless platforms and devices.

2. Why Should I Use Video Content in my Marketing Strategy?

The best answer to this question is – because it’s what your customers want!

  • Videos on a landing can increase conversions by 80% (Unbounce)
  • 90% of customers prefer to see a video of a product or service before making a decision (Hubspot)
  • Companies who use video receive 41% more web traffic than companies who don’t use video (Small Business Trends)

Providing your customers with a more in-depth look of your brand in an engaging and captivating way will establish trust with your audience and make your business more memorable and eye-catching. It’s also worth mentioning that implementing video will improve your SEO, as Google tends to promote websites that contain quality video content.

3. How Do I Use Video Marketing to Grow my Business?

You can use video in your marketing strategy in a variety of ways based on who you are as a company. If you want to promote a product, try making a demo video of the product to show your audience how well it performs. If want to draw more people to one of your events, pique your audience’s interest with a hype video or an event recap. If you want to show your audience the many awesome features of your company, produce an explainer video to help them understand how you operate.

There are numerous techniques for sharing your video content (which I will address in more detail in my next blog). Video content is allowed on almost all social media platforms now, and emails achieve significantly higher click-through rates when they include video. Your options are endless when it comes to inventing and sharing video content that will boost your business, so start brainstorming ways to implement this successful technique today.

Contact Palmetto Films Today for Your Video Marketing Solutions!

Adding intriguing, informative, or compelling video to your social media or website can take your business to a whole new level! Send me an email or give me a call today if you’d like to see how video marketing can positively impact your company. Let’s make your vision come to life!

Palmetto Films Spring 2018 Recap: Amazing Georgia Wedding Venues!

Summertime is here, which means our schedules are settling into almost-normalcy before weddings start ramping up again in September! What a crazy and wonderful year this has been – we’ve booked almost TWICE as many weddings as we did last year! This past spring was insanely busy, but we got to work with a lot of great couples and vendors, as well as visit a lot of beautiful Georgia wedding venues. So, in celebration of a really awesome Spring 2018 wedding season, here’s some of our favorite venues in Georgia that we got to film at this year!

5 of Our Favorite Georgia Wedding Venues

1. Pepper Sprout Barn

Location: Jackson, GA

What We Like About It: This is definitely one of the prettiest barn wedding venues in Georgia. I am a huge fan of a classic red barn, so obviously I fell in love immediately. The parking lot, bridal suite, ceremony site, and reception area all fit close together comfortably, so guests don’t have to worry about a long walk. The Pepper Sprout Barn also has a lot of simple, rustic touches that just make it feel homey.

wade 1wade 2wade 3

Watch the Video

2. White Crest Farm

Location: Carrollton, GA

What We Like About It: My favorite part of this venue is the INCREDIBLE bridal suite! There is more than enough room for you and your bridesmaids to get ready without feeling crowded or rushed. A groom’s suite is located on site as well. The White Crest Farm has plenty of space for the ceremony and reception, both indoors and outdoors. The pecan trees and string lights add to the charm!

white crest 5white crest 4white crest 1white crest 3

Watch the Video

3. Sweet Meadow Farm at Beech Creek

Location: Tallapoosa, GA

What We Like About It: There is no shortage of gorgeous barn wedding venues in Georgia! Sweet Meadow Farm at Beech Creek is a large, beautiful barn venue with numerous scenic views. This one is a little off the beaten path, making it a truly quiet and peaceful place to get married. This venue is a little more spread out due to its size, but their staff is outstanding and will shuttle family and guests around as needed!

jenna 1jenna 3jenna 2

Watch the Video

4. Blue Mountain Vineyards

Location: Dahlonega, GA

What We Like About It: What’s not to love about a breathtaking Georgia vineyard? This stunning venue is surrounded by views of their 3-acre vineyard as well as mountains in the distance. The Blue Mountain Vineyards’ spacious barn contains a stone fireplace, solid wood beams, and plenty of space for dancing!

blue 1blue 4blue 5

Watch the Video

5. Enotah Valley Event Center

Location: Blairsville, GA

What We Like About It: While a little farther out from Atlanta, the Enotah Valley Event Center is tucked away in such a scenic setting. Less than a mile away from the Vogel State Park, this venue is surrounded by creeks, forests, flowers, and mountain views. If you’re a fan of the outdoors (like my husband and I are), this is definitely the best spot for your wedding.

wendy and bruce highlight reel.00_01_10_08.Still002wendy 1wendy 2

Watch the Video

[Note: While I haven’t gotten the opportunity to shoot a wedding or event here yet, Upstairs Atlanta is another fantastic venue that overlooks downtown Atlanta! I shot a video there showcasing their unique space – watch it here!]

Need Palmetto Films to capture your wedding? Contact us today!

P.S. We don’t just shoot weddings – we can shoot ANY event you want! Corporate event, rehearsal dinner, baby shower, birthday party, anniversary shindig – you name it! Give us a call to tell us all about it!